I’m a pretty quiet person most of the time. But I do love telling stories. Real stories. I love documenting sights, sounds, experiences, and even feelings, and then crafting a story around them. Given that I’m a little quiet, I do that with my cameras. Whether we are shooting stills or video for our clients, or my art or documentary work, it’s all about capturing the heart of the story, and crafting the delivery in a way that makes the story speak to people who weren’t even there to experience it when it happened.

I am extremely fortunate to have been able to surround myself with a team of amazing creatives who I am proud to call not only my team, but my friends. They too are storytellers, and we’d love the chance to tell your story for you.

Sometimes we’re candid shooters, sometimes photojournalists. Other times we are artists. Then occasionally we will gently take charge a little and help you get those great images that make your memories perfect.

Whether you just want pictures of your wedding, or video as well, we’d love to help you plan your day, take the worry out of it, and create something beautiful with you.

We’re here to capture and tell your story. It’s what we do.