Alexandra & Troy’s Awesome Harbour-side Wedding

This wedding was amazing. Beautiful, classic, and a wonderful mix of Russian and Australian Cultures. It was also an amazing challenge for us. The ceremony was outdoors on a 40 degree day, and we shot a combination of digital, video, black and white film, colour negative film, and colour transparency film. We also ran a photo booth for the guests at the reception. It was a monster day, and Chloe, Katie and I were even too tired to stop and have a drink on the way home! It was straight to bed for all of us I reckon, and a very quiet car ride as we were all so tired.

But it was an absolute thrill to look after Alex & Troy on their wedding day. They’re a great couple, and we’re thrilled with the images we managed to get for them. Here’s a peek.

A&T 254

A&T 335A&T 315A&T 306A&T 291A&T 258A&T 143A&T 72A&T 70A&T 14A&T 16A&T 54

A&T 969

A&T 977A&T 939A&T 938A&T 937A&T 462A&T 507A&T 520A&T 537AA&T 547A&T 902A&T 434A&T 381